In-House Catering

A Variety of Cuisines

We offer Indian, Sri Lankan, and Western Cuisines. The menu is customizable and you can contact us if you have any special requirements. We have set menus, A-la-carte with vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and a variety of desserts for you to choose from. Your guests can indulge in succulent meals served hot through our exquisite in-house catering team. Our menus offer a variety of main dishes, curries, desserts, welcome drinks, starters, side dishes, and more.

Set Menus

Our set menus include rice and noodles for variety. Treat your guests to succulent, steamed Basmathi, delicious fried rice, Nasi Goreng, vegetable noodles, and more. Your guests are greeted with a welcome drink and an appetizing starter. Depending on your package, guests can choose between two and four main non-vegetarian dishes including seafood, chicken, beef, and pork. Desserts include Watalapan, ice cream, cream caramel, mousse, biscuit pudding, fruit salad, and jelly.

Side Dishes

We offer a variety of side dishes to enhance the flavor of your meals. Classic Sri Lankan side dish favorites are bound to make your guests go for that second serving. Delight your guests with Malay pickle, Papadam, chili paste, and more. Extras like devilled meat or seafood could be arranged upon request.

Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine

Our menu is perfect for the Sri Lankan palate. We have the right balance of spice, flavor, and serve Sri Lankan favorites such as Ambul tiyal, cashew, and chicken curry. Rice, cooked to perfection can be consumed with chicken, fish, beef or pork curries. Have some watalapan for dessert to complete that perfect Sri Lankan meal.

Meat Lovers Delight

Whether it is chicken, red meat or seafood, we have got it all covered. We provide non-vegetarian dishes battered, fried, cooked or devilled. Seasoned and flavored to perfection, we assure that your guests will never be disappointed.

Exquisite Vegetarian Dishes

We have a variety of healthy vegetarian dishes that taste great. Treat your guests to our delectable cashew curry or the popular Indian potato curry. Delicious brinjal moju has certainly been a favorite among our guests. Our extensive variety allows you to choose from mushroom, potato, dhal, and other Indian vegetarian dishes.


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