Photo Location

Photo Location

We have multiple spots around the hall so you could capture the happiest moments of your big day. Pose around our beautiful hotel surroundings, crystalline ornaments and create lasting memories that will bring you great joy for years to come. Studio quality photographers are on-hand and will get that perfect shot to brighten up your biggest day.


Our premium hall located in the heart of the capital is fully-equipped with all the amenities you may require for the perfect wedding shoot. The hall is perfect for private events of any scale and beautiful surroundings ensure that your event is very special. Furniture arrangement and decoration could be arranged upon request.

Designed to Inspire Creativity

The venue is surrounded with ample photo opportunities. Beautiful ornaments and ornate doorways are placed across the venue. The hall is specifically designed for wedding shoots that require a romantic ambience. Gorgeous walls with a quaint overall design and high ceilings inspire creativity at every corner to bring out the best in your photographer.

We Provide what Photographers Seek the Most

The hall’s design, amenities, and general ambience are ideal for professional and amateur photographers alike. Photographs taken around our venue are elevated to art. Studio quality lighting blends with unique, stylish architecture to help you focus on producing your best work instead of worrying too much about the surroundings.

Wedding Photography Sri Lanka

The ideal style of wedding photography must be moody yet romantic. Our photographers have worked on hundreds of weddings and getting those perfect shots during your wedding or pre-wedding shoot has become second nature to them. Our photography team pays great attention to detail, we take the time and the trouble to make your big day “picture-perfect”.


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