Car Park

Car Slots

Ample Parking Facilities

We have a parking facility that offers up to 100 slots of parking space. There is plenty of parking space around the venue if you have guests with more than the allotted number of parking slots. The parking facility is secure, manned by security staff and is monitored through CCTV cameras.

Wedding Halls in Colombo with Parking Facilities

Our banquet halls provide ample parking so your guests do not have to worry about the safety of their vehicles. We understand that parking spots are few and far apart in the bustling city of Colombo, be it night or day. Make sure your guests avoid parking tickets by getting them to park in our parking facility.

Round-the-Clock CCTV Monitoring and Security

We are responsible for the security of your guests and their vehicles when you park in our facility. The parking area contains CCTV cameras and is manned with security personnel throughout your event. Your guests can enjoy the event while we take care of securi

Easy Access to Banquet Halls

You could drop off your friends and family at one of our three banquet halls and access the car park conveniently. The car park provides easy access to any of our banquet halls to ensure hassle-free entrance to the car park from the banquet hall and vice versa.

Parking Availability around the Venue

If your event requires more than the allotted 100 parking slots in our facility, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to make alternative arrangements for your guests to park. The areas surrounding our banquet halls are safe and can easily accommodate additional parking slots.


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